Counter Strike 1.6 latest update 19 June 2018

Hello everyone, just found a new update for Counter strike 1.6 and some other old games like Condition Zero and dedicated server.

The update size is around 6.2 MB and you can download it via steam.

Details about Update:

There are no official changelogs provided by Valve for the update, I just found 1 change that is the change in color of Tiles in de_mirage map, nothing else. I'll update if I'll find anything later.

Also, I found one comment on regarding introduction of molotoves and zeus but that's just a comment right now it has not been implemented, may be they can introduce this in future.

There is also one more theory I can say that Valve is trying to fuck up the game so it can die peacefully and everyone can upgrade to CS:GO. 

So may be the Grand Era of CS 1.6 is about to end or can it take a new turn?
Let me know in comments.


  1. Thanks for the info mate. Your were the only one I could find to provide it. GJ and GLHF

  2. My update had almost 20mb. Maybe it's just a security/bug fix, but who knows?
    I don't think they're trying to "fuck up" the game, though. People are going to play it, even without steam.

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