How to stop playing Counter Strike?

How can I stop playing Counter Strike? I question comes into my mind every day since last fcuking 7 years, after lots of frustrating nights I finally stopped myself from touching my gaming kit.

So here are my top 5 tips on how to stop playing Counter Strike:

1. Get VAC ban: seriously? Yes. I actually did this after getting frustrated I actually downloaded a hack and got VAC ban on my Steam I.d. with 5500+ hours of counter strike. Check:
When you get ban on your original id where u got screenshots of ur high scores and friends and people know u by ur id, when u loose this half of your addiction goes off and u start to loose interest.

Now here is the list what I tried already before getting the VAC ban idea.

2. Get Drunk: Seriously? Yes. I actually tried this. Get high and try to play, you won't have that control and u'll really get frustrated by the way u r playing drunk. Just keep a bottle get 3 neat pegs and u'll forget cs.

3. New Crush? I had for 1 month stopped playing used to talk to her but finally CS is more stable and trustworthy. It didn't work for me but may help you.

4. Wake up early: Hardest thing i've done ever to stop my addiction of playing CS, so that my sleep will replace CS and i can go to work/college on time.

5. Get Married: I'm still single but this is one of the thing I'm sure will erase CS from your life. I guess in upcoming years I'll be able to share my experience on this.

Thanks ALLL for reading, please share if you have any better idea than these in comments.


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