Betting Predictions 17th-Dec-2015

G2 vs Dignitas B03

Dignitas had a match vs. G2 2 weeks ago and they lost 2-0 but it was really close. First map went 16-14 and second map 16-12. But you have to consider that G2 played without rain and with a sub. Still, Dignitas impressed me alot recently. They won against Navi, twice agianst HR, they 2-0 SK and they had a close series vs NV. The loser from this match will be out of the qualifier because there is no loser-bracket. Both teams will take this serious since they play for a 50k price-pool. I think odds should be around 71-29 since we don't have alot of info about g2. They played vs. a few lower tier teams and they had some problems with them ( like Arcade or LC ). No outcome would really sursprise me in this matchup. I could see G2 winning 2-0 but I could also see a close series and one team winning 2-1. Maybe a 2-0 Dig would surprise me alittle bit. So if you bet on Fano 1 map for G2 should be a fairly save bet but I guess that the odds will be terrible.

  • My Odds: 71-29  
  • My Bet: Medium on G2 if odds are below 69% and small on Dig if odds are below 27%
  • Note: We play the odds, that means if the odds are not more than 3% off we skip.
  • Risks: 4/10 and 7/10

Ex-TSM vs Envyus

The winner of this match will qualifier for the SL i-League StarSeries XIV LAN so I think there is no doubt that both teams will take this serious. Ex-TSM had some bad results in the last couple of weeks but I think their performance at the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals. They lost 2-0 to fnatic but this is really not a shame if you consider that fnatic is the best team in the world again right now. NV had also a strong performance and they even won 2-0 against fnatic, after that they surprisingly lost 2-0 to Navi. But those results are all on LAN and this match will be online, so this are 2 diffrent things and you should not rely only on those facts. I think this match gets as close to a 50-50 games as it can. People might disagree with me and say that NV is stronger but I honestly don't think so right now. The only thing that "scares" me abit is the factor that happy often gets ddosed online but since this match is very important he should have done some things to prevent those ddos attacks.

  • My Odds: 50-50  
  • My Bet: Low on the underdog if lower than 47%
  • Note: We play the odds, that means if the odds are not more than 3% off we skip.
  • Risks: 5/10

DenDD vs SK

DenDD has currently 6 points after 5 matches and SK 2 after only 3 Matches. This match is very important for both teams since only the top 4 teams from each group will qualifier for the LAN in januar. DenDD lost 2 days ago against mouz 2-0 but the first map was really really close and ended in overtime. The second map was alittle bit more clear but DenDD still managed to put a decent fight on. SK had alot of success recently. They beat EX-TSM 10 days ago in Sweden on LAN and they also took a BO1 against Fnatic online 2-3 weeks ago. But since than they had a small roster change and I am pretty sure that this will affect them. Cadian was not an extremely good player and not replaceable and Pimp is maybe even better than him but I think communication and teamwork will play a huge role. Pimp plays only since monday with SK together and I don't think that you can do alot in 3 days to improve your communication. So, even though SK's lineup is here the stronger one I don't think it will be easy for SK. My odds are around 42-58 for SK and I think it will end up with a 1:1 score.

  • My Odds: 42-58 for SK  
  • My Bet: Medium on DenDD if odds are below 40% or medium on SK if odds are below 56%
  • Note: We play the odds, that means if the odds are not more than 3% off we skip.
  • Risks: 5/10 and 5/10

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