CSGO Update 1/10/2015: Operation BloodHound closes

Release Notes for 10/1/2015 


– Operation Bloodhound has come to a close.
– The Falchion Case will be available as a drop for all players.


– Zeus:
— Increased price to $200
— Reduced kill award to $0
— Reduced max player speed to 220


– New Music Kits will be available for purchase directly in the main menu for a limited time.


– In official competitive matches, voice communications are now team-only in warmup and half-time, allowing players to discuss player roles and strategies.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, its very bad that this operation is closed now, cause I badly wanted to take part in this incredible event. Hope that next year you will make operation BloodHound too, cause not only me but my friends also want to join you. While waiting for this, I think we will train to play in CS and to trade skins, more info here https://skinsmarket.com/ you can easily find.


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