CS GO Indian Servers Status

Indian CSGO servers are up now?

Yes, today 9th october Indian CSGO servers were up at 5 a.m., that's the best news but they went down again in 30 mins. (It's been more than 50 days that I've played CSGO in less than 100 ping),  Again after 1-2 hours they were up and down. I think the testing is going on and the servers are going to be Live again within a day or two. There is no official news but I read that MTS provide servers for CSGO in India, they have contract with VALVE and they are working on to provide lagfree CSGO environment as number of CSGO players in India are increasing day by day.

I have this screenshot of https://steamstat.us/ today at 8:30 am and you can see that Indian servers are showing "medium capacity", that means servers are up but they can't take full load.

That's all the news I have right now and I feel good that I can play in 30 ping again :)


  1. i have airtel n i live in delhi im getting same ping as in dubai 78-88 -_- :(

    1. Last time Indian servers were installed in Delhi but this time Indian servers are in Mumbai so you will get 50+ ping

  2. you are lucky guys, i still can not connect the csgo server with my network.lol.

  3. How to connect to indian server

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