Download CS 1.6 Fnatic MSI GUI

fnatic msi gui cs 1.6

Installation Instruction:

1. To optimize the graphics of the FnaticMSI GUI the user should install from the folder with the name that matches your resolution.

For example, if you are using 800x600, extract the files from the folder named "800x600" into
Make sure to allow all overwrites.

2. Maps Included in FnaticMSI GUI:

The Fnatic GUI comes with the aim maps the FnaticMSI players are using for practice.

De_Tuscan and de_mirage is also in the map pack.

  •     aim_ak_map.bsp
  •     aim_glock.bsp
  •     aim_glocker.bsp
  •     aim_map_usp.bsp
  •     de_tuscan.bsp
  •     de_mirage.bsp
  •     de_forge

3. Download Link:

Above link not working?

Try alternate - FnaticMSI_GUI.rar

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