Download CS 1.6 Default Models

Many Counter Strike 1.6 setups are provided with different types of Model (Player and Weapon) or some time people replace Default model as they get bored of it.

But new HD models of players and weapons leads to lower FPS and finally they want back original default Models.

Download here the default original HLTV counter strike 1.6 player and weapon models.

1. CS 1.6 Default Weapon Model/Skin

Download here : default_hltv_models.rar

2. CS 1.6 Default Players Model/Skin

Download here: default_hltv_players_model.rar

You can also download the default Counter Strike game with default skins as well as inbuilt bots:
Download CS-1.6.exe (283 MB)

Comment if you face any problem!


  1. Download clean and default original Counter Strike 1.6 non-stem latest patch in one hour with 1mb/s internet!

  2. why? in the :(

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