10 Counter Strike Tips to improve your Game

Counter-Strike is one of the most played online game ever. Everyone wants to be a pro (professional)
but there is a lot of and practice and many thousand of hours are required to gain that skill. There's a lot to consider even if you are among the best players. Becoming a pro is not an easy task, there's far more to it than simply knowing how to aim at enemy's face.

There are many professional players with lots of tips and different strategies, I've collected the TOP 10 tips that can make you a far better player.

1. A good PC with good Connection

If you wanna join the race, the last thing you want is old computer or a slow internet connection. In a competitive game Counter-Strike, slight drop in FPS(Frames Per Second) could damage a lot. There are many quotes by famous Counter-Strike players related to it.
“ Low fps can affect your recoil, bullet registration and smoothness of your game.”
“ If you're stuck with a terrible computer, you don't really have much chance online against someone with a top-end machine.”
“A good computer and connection will be the same conditions you'll be playing on when you turn up to a tournament, so you won't have to adapt to different conditions when you set up on the day.”

2. Find a Clan and practice

There are times in life when we have to work with people we aren't very fond of but there's is no doubt that you need to go with your team mates as it make things lot easier and effective as compared to what you try alone sitting at home. Always choose a team good team where players are of level higher or equal to you. Some famous quotes related to it
“Playing with people you get along with will make you enjoy the game much more, and undoubtedly be more likely to stick together.”
“Changing your lineup every month won't do you much good, even if you're replacing a player with someone slightly better.”

3. Good environment is required to Practice

If you really wanna get into a professional Counter Strike player, the chances are you already have spent more than thousand hours of playing CS, but the key to continuous improvement is to prectice in right environments.
Deathmatch servers are very helpful in improving your game. Some famous player's quotes for it:
“You respawn as soon as you die, so you're constantly shooting and it's a good way to improve your gunplay.”
“I'd advise having ten minutes after each match you play to assess what you did wrong, what you did right, and how you could improve.”

4. Learn from Demos of professional players

Practice makes the man perfect, but there are different tactics and tricks that people create and use which you can learn from others. Watching other players Demos is a good way to learn how different skills could be used. Many Professional players have their own way of walking, shooting, aiming, hiding and reacting on different conditions. See what pros say:
“All players have different styles and one player's style may not be suitable for you or your team”
Demos of different players can be found on internet but make sure you practice too.

5. Use of Radar

Always keep an eye on radar as it tells you the whole scenario of your current game.. It tells you where your teammates are and whenever they call any radio message like "need backup" n all you can identify where your teammate is and if it is possible to help or not. Also the sound you hear it can be identified if your Teammate is there or your enemy is and you can spam accordingly. See this link for understanding the use of RADAR.

6. Communication is the key

As with all team-based games, but perhaps even more so with Counter-Strike, it's important to be in good contact with your team mates throughout a match. A lack of communication can be the difference between a decisive victory and an embarrassing, crushing defeat, so talking to each other is tremendously important. But simply maintaining contact isn't enough: it's imperative to be efficient with your communications.
“It's best to keep your calls about what's happening short and quick, and explain everything you know, such as how many enemies you see, if you see the bomb carrier, and what weapons they have.”
. And be sure to get hold of a voice chat program such as Ventrilo or Mumble to utilise during practice: they allow you to speak to your team mates whether you're dead or alive, an advantage not afforded by Counter-Strike's in-game chat system.

7. Embrace the community spirit

You might be tempted to pour all your spare hours into improving your game, but there's more to being a professional Counter-Strike player than simply playing Counter-Strike. Your team could consist of the best players in the world, but if no one knows who you are, you're probably going to end up going nowhere fast.
“Playing an active role in your country's Counter-Strike community means that there is more general interest, which means there will be more tournaments and therefore more oppotunities to practice in competitions and under pressure”
“Also, it allows you to make friends to casually play with when your team may not be online, so you can still practice even if your team mates aren't around."”

8. Master the three pillars of skillful combat

Elliot flags three key things to master in Counter-Strike combat: recoil, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. Counter-Strike's recoil patterns are very different to many shooters, and it's imperative to master the technique:
“For most professional players, the general technique is to spray at close range, tap fire at medium range, and tap slightly slower at long range, all while moving in between taps to make you a harder target to hit.”
Meanwhile, good grenade use can make all the difference.

9. Financial advice

Counter-Strike isn't all about the combat tactics. It's also a game in which managing your money is key to high-level success. At a professional level, you'll need to make sure your finances are in check whether you're winning or losing, because ensuring your team is finely in-tune and well-timed with quick purchases is essential.
“If you find yourself short on money after - say - losing the pistol round, the best thing to do is save your money by not buying anything for one or two rounds, so you can save up enough cash to purchase a rifle and armour.”

10. For goodness' sake, stick with it

It might sound obvious, but the only way you'll reach the dizzy heights of top-level professional gaming is to keep plugging away until you're good enough. It's a lot of work, and something you'll need to treat like a real job as much as play - even during those inevitable times when morale reaches rock bottom.
“A lot of dedication is needed to become a professional.”
“and there will be times when you and your team are trying to improve and results may not always go in your favour. If this happens, the best thing you can do is stick together, and keep playing through it.”

Hope you enjoyed :)
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