CS 1.6 ERROR: "Couldn't find 'decals.wad' in DEFAULTGAME search path."

ERROR in CS 1.6 : "Couldn't find 'decals.wad' in DEFAULTGAME search path."

Sometimes playing on servers that changes your files and next time you start your game you end-up into an error "Couldn't find 'decals.wad' in DEFAULTGAME search path."

So always play on a secure and good server which do not modify your content or just make all your files in "cstrike" folder as read only mode.

decals.wad missing

This is a very common error that occurs if "decals.wad" file is missing.
There are many chances that this file is found missing but the solution is simple, just follow following steps:

  • Download this file below:
  • Download Decals.wad here :  "Download"
    • Copy it into your cstrike folder.
    For STEAM: C:/ProgramFiles/Steam/Steamapps/common/HalfLife/cstrike.
    For Non STEAM: C:/ProgramFiles/Valve/Counter-strike/cstrike

    Restart your CS and your problem is solved.

    Thank You,


  1. O meu não resolveu ainda da o erro

  2. Thanks a lot I've been searching for it quite a long time

  3. link is dead. kindly re upload if

    1. Updated the google drive link to direct link. Kindly check and tell if its working for you or not?

  4. This is not updated I have diferente files in the steam version

  5. I see that problem for the first time, you surprised me. The only issue I got with cs:go was missing d3dx9_43.dll file which was easy to find at http://fix4dll.com/d3dx9_43_dll. I've just put it in game library and so far it works fine.

  6. This does not work for dedicated server..

  7. thank you for this post CS 1.6 ERROR: "Couldn't find 'decals.wad' in DEFAULTGAME search path.". Very informative.
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