I'm playing CS since 4 years and im better than a noob player and can tell you something which may help you.

First of all im noob in assault and quite good in magging.. So im gonna tell you some tricks or points that you need to keep in mind
cs 1.6 servers
  1. CS is all about sound sense (for those who dont have such a good sound sense in pubs and clans) buy a better headphone to become a good CS player.. Try to concentrate on hearing sounds and keep a track on the distance from which that sound is coming. You can easily find out where your enemy is and you can pre-aim ( noobs call them waller)
    counter strike dedicated server

  2. RADAR: always keep an eye on radar as it tells you the whole scenario of your current game.. It tells you where your teammates are and whenever they call any radio message like "need backup" n all you can identify where your teammate is and if it is possible to help or not. Also the sound you hear it can be identified if your Teammate is there or your enemy is and you can spam accordingly. See this link for understanding the RADAR Click Here
  3. Always keep an eye on bomber if you are terrorist. RADAR is again useful to keep track on where the bomber is, a RED dot tell you where is the bomber or if the bomb is down and you can easily track the path behind the bomber
  4.  As a CT your teammates are your best friend, as soon as you get to know where the T team is rushing or where the bomber is follow that path cautiously, that is the key to save a round as CT.
  5. Use of NADES, grenades and flashbangs are very useful in starting rounds of a clan match, always keep track on where you throw them, which includes friendly fire and team flash. In starting rounds opposite teams normally dont buy kevlar n helmet so grenade make a quite good damage specially when you hear other team rushing together ( footsteps can be heard clearly if the enemy is single or more than one).
  6. SPAMMING: This is the most interesting, addictive and hard thing to do in CS. I spam a lot in D2 as a T to A-long and at B as C,T etc, u all must know about the common spamming spots in popular maps like D2, infy, nuke and train, but the best spamming is when you hear a footstep behind the wall you make it clear that hez not your teammate by looking at radar and therefore you spam into that wall and that spam results into some damage or a kill. This is a spamming guide, learn spamming Click here

Thank you.

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