CS 1.6 Black bars on side screen (nVidia / AMD)

counter strike black bars

First try this:

In launch options type "-stretchaspect" without quotes and restart CS.

If you don't know how to set launch options see --> How to set launch options


  1. First of all always download and install the latest STABLE drivers from amd.com, try your best not to download beta drivers or drivers from some random website, as the stability of these drivers is questionable.
  2. You need to know what kind of GPU you have, in order to figure this out go to Windows control panel>hardware and sound>devices and printers, under devices and printers there should be an option to go to DEVICE MANAGER. You need to be the administrator to run this so make sure you are the administrator. Device manager will open up and will list all hardware that is installed on your PC. Click on display adapters and under it should be the name of your GPU (mine is called "ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics") and if you want to make sure this isn't the incomplete name of the GPU then right click on your display adapter and click properties, this should give you your device name which you can now use to go to the AMD website and get drivers for your GPU. You can also find out using catalyst if you have it, some versions of catalyst are different, but it should be under system info if you are familiar with catalyst and this will go into more detail than device manager.
  3. Go to the AMD website and figure out which drivers are the right drivers for your GPU, it will ask you your OS, laptop or PC, your graphics card name. Then just click on the drivers and download tab and the latest drivers should be there ready for you to download catalyst is probably gonna be included in your latest install . Download and install, restart if you have to.
  4. If you try to run games on Windows 7 now, you will see that there are still black bars on your games, regardless of your resolution(s), the drivers are merely to ensure that the drivers are not the problem. So now go to Catalyst Control Center (if you had an older version the newer version should differ slightly) configure everything to your liking, get to know the newer catalyst (that's what I did), and make sure you are in ADVANCED view, not basic, otherwise some options won't be visible.
  5. Restart if you have made any changes, then open up catalyst control center, there should be a dropdown menu labeled "Graphics" click that and you'll see a few options. Click on "desktop and displays", select your display, right click on your display and click "configure..." the screen will change and you will see that there are 3 tabs here (keep in mind that different versions of catalyst differ in interface, so the options may be moved around, but they are all there), the scaling option should be under one of these. Congrats! you have found the scaling option, but (if you have the newer versions of catalyst) you can't do anything in the scaling option because it's all greyed out =(. So this is what you do.
  6. Close catalyst control center, open up windows control panel, set your resolution to your desired resolution (if it is not already so mine is already at 1366x768 which is max on my laptop), save changes, now set your resolution to one that ISN'T your desired resolution, close windows control panel and open up your catalyst and go find the scaling option. The option should now no longer be greyed out and you should be able to change the scaling option now, if your scaling option is already set to "full screen" then change it to something else and then change it back to "full screen", if your scaling option wasn't originally full screen then go ahead and set it to "full screen". Save your changes in catalyst and then close it. Open up windows control panel, change your resolution back to your desired resolution (mine was 1366x768), save changes and close windows control panel, restart if you wish.
  7. Run your games (I used Left for Dead 2) and there should now no longer be any black bars. Now go to the options and set your game resolution to whatever you want it (mine will be the lowest 800x600) and once the game resolution has changed, you will see that there are still no black bars. Go ahead and try it out on all of your other games. I did and WoW no longer had any black bars, neither Did Dawn of War 2 or Left 4 Dead 1, even when I changed their game resolutions.


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