Reading Radar in CS 1.6

Radar reading is very important for knowing the overall status of your current game.

I see many of you still dont understand the basics of radar which includes:

  •     The level of your teammate

  •     Difference between planted and non planted bomb

  •     Directions in radar

counter strike radar

Suppose you are at A site in de_dust2 and you hear sound from CT_spawn/base side it will be confusing whether your teammate is at AS or CT_spawn/base. In this situation RADAR will help you to know whether your teammate is at same level or lower level.

Here is an image showing you the exact use of RADAR

cs 1.6 radar

For any query you can comment.
Thank you.


  1. Doesn't radar shows enemies?
    And please explain what is level above, below,same..

    1. No it does not show enemies. Level above means when your teammate is physically above you, for e.g. your teammate is at A short in dust2 and you are at CT base, at that time in radar you can see that your teammate is above you and similarly for level below and same level.


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