Hello friends, many of you are asking about the bunny hop, So 
Here are the steps on how to bunny-hop:

1. Move forward by pressing 'W' and wait a little to gain momentum. 
2. Choose the side you want to go first (if you want left press 'A', if you want right press 'D') 
3. Now, release 'W' and just as you do that hit the jump button (default 'SPACE'), press 'A' (if you chose that side) and go with your mouse 30 degrees to the left.
4. When you're just about to land hit the opposite strafe key and move your mouse in the same direction of your strafe and hit jump EXACTLY when you hit the ground. If you do this a little earlier or later it will cut the bunny-hop.
5. If you got the timing and mouse movement right, you will move quicker and gain more movements speed and you'll need to repeat step and 4.

Remember, don't hit the forward button after you get off of the ground.
Also, it's a lot better if you bind jump to your mouse wheel, because when you roll it, it will execute more jump commands instead of one and that easier to not miss the jump when you hit the ground. 

This video exactly tells you when to press the required key, dont miss the timing of jump.

Why to learn bunny hop?

You might ask yourself 'why should I learn bunny-hopping?'. Well I'll tell you. 
1. Tricks - when you master bunny-hopping you will be able to get to places that require more speed that can be gained by running.
2. You'll be harder to kill - because you move faster, you're a harder target to hit and you can gain access to choke-points before your enemies. 
3. Fun - It's a lot of fun to show off your bunny-hopping skills after scoring an ace. There are also servers called HNS that are even more fun.

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