Counter Strike 1.6 useful Console Commands

console commands

These are some commands that u may find useful try out :)

adjust_crosshair - changes the color of your crosshair

Bind "e" stopsound - this great for stopping sounds in the game so you can hear foot steps

bind "F5" "say Xxxx xxx xx"

bind "F5" "say_team Xxxx xxx xx"

brightness 1.0 - very importing to help see in dark places

Download All commands :   

cl_himodels 0 - to reduce resolution of models for higher frame rates (fps)

cl_rate 20000 - this is a server report rate command

cl_righthand 1 - puts your gun on right of left side

cl_showfps 1 - to show fps

cl_updaterate 20 - this is a server ping command

drawradar - show radar

fps_max 100 - to set frames per second

gamma 4.5 - raise to see in dark place

gl_spriteblend 0 - imp zoom x-hair

hideradar - hide radar

hud_centerid 1 -centers player names

hud_fastswitch 1 - for fast weapon switching

m_filter 1 -for mouse averaging (smoothing)

net_graph 3 - shows performance graphs

pushlatency -1000 - this is a server communication command

r_decals 128 - this is how many bullet marks and such that will remain on map

rate 25000 - this is a server communication command

s_automax_distance 50 - set max sound distance (very useful for hearing)

sensitivity 2.5 - to set mouse sensitivity (accuracy and precision)

setinfo "_vgui_menus" "1" - graphical buy menu

setinfo "vgui_menus" "0" - non-graphical buy menu

status - gives player's ID's

suitvolume 1.2 - volume of HEV suit

unbind - used to unbind a key

voice_maxgain 5 - max voice gain

voice_overdrive - to dampen sound

voice_scale 1 - sets volume of voice

zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.2

cl_bob 0.0 - makes your gun not bob up and down

cl_bobcycle 0.0

cl_bobup 0.0

custom.hpk - spray file, delete this file regularly

Record test - to record a demo of some one

playdemo test - to play the demo

stop - to stop the demo

test.dem - this is the file that contains the demo


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