A CLUTCH ( 1 vs 5 situation)

Hey guys! Did you ever wondered what a "clutch" in CS is? Well i've got the answer for you!
To "clutch" is to win the round as the last man alive on your team versus 2, 3 or even 5 enemies!
It seems pretty hard, well yes it is, but there are some tips which can help you in these situations.

clutch moments

Well there are 3 most important points.

If you can't keep your composure, you might will get some frags but you'll die. Don't cave under the pressure. The more relaxed you are, the better you'll be. When I get in a situation like 1v3 I try to stay calm and and don't hesitate, and sometimes I win the round for my team, sometimes not.

2. Think like your enemy
The better you know your opponents, the better chance you'll have to win the round. If you can think like your enemy, you'll have the ability to know what they're going to do and will be able to setup an effective counter-attack.
3. Be aware of their location at all times
Being aware is a great skill and its hard to master, but once mastered you'll know where your opponents will be. For example, as a T on Dust2 and after a few rounds, it should be somewhat clear what positions the CT's play. As the game is progressing remember when enemies go down. For example if your mates kill 1 on B, and you know that they are going 1 long A, 2 cat-walk and 2 B, you'll think "Oh, they were going 3 A and 2 B... my mate killed 1 on B and the other is probably on low health and i'll might take him out". Developing this awareness will take a lot of time, but eventually you will know where everyone is before they even see you and you can pre-fire them or wall-bang  them.

Tips on clutching
-Be stealthy 
When you're in a situation 1v2 or 1v3 use walk(default is on Shift), use silencers, do everything possible to confuse the enemy of your location.
-Stay on the move
The worst thing you can do when attempting to clutch is to sit still. If your enemies know your location they can throw high explosives at you and flash grenades.
-Know their calls
After killing someone, it is a good bet that they are going to inform their team of your location. Use this to your advantage, anticipate their movements and get in position to kill their rotators. 
-Fight 1 at a time
Don't try to be a hero and go in a room knowing there are more enemies and be Rambo. Don't expect to kill them all. Instead try to kill them 1 by 1 when they are separated.
-Do the unexpected
This is the time, now more than ever, to be unpredictable. Do what they don't expect. If that means ambushing them rather putting the bomb down, do it! Even if the odds aren't on your side, the "surprise" factor may prevail.

Here is a video showing some great clutch moments

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