How to Add Bots in Counter Strike 1.6

Download and Install bots in CS 1.6 (Steam/Non-Steam):

Counter Strike 1.6 basically come without pre-installed bots, but many of us require bots to practice, to play offline or to play with friends on LAN. So, this guide will help you to install bots in CS 1.6 on Steam as well as non-steam version.

This video can quickly help you understand what to do:


Installing bots to Counter Strike 1.6:

1) Download the bots .zip file below:

Alternate Link:

2) Extract the file on your Desktop using any .zip extractor like winzip.

3) Copy all the files from this folder.

4) Paste it into your cstrike directory:

     For Steam version:  C:/ProgramFiles/Steam/Steamapps/common/HalfLife/cstrike
     For Non-Steam: C:/ProgramFiles/valve/counter-strike/cstrike

Note: In case of non-steam directory may differ.

5) It will ask you to replace files, just replace and start your Counter Strike.

6) Now to add bots in-game use following commands:

bot_add_ct -        To add bot into CT team.
bot_add_t   -        To add bot into T team.
bot_quota 6 -       To add 6 bots in your game change the number to add more.
bot_difficulty 3 - To set bots difficulty to Hard (1 = Easy, 2 = Medium, 3 = Hard).

Or simply download Counter Strike Version with Pre-installed bots:

You can simply download this version of Counter Strike 1.6 version which have bots pre-installed, so you need to do anything else. Download from the link below:

CS-1.6.exe (283 MB) 
Comment if you face any problem.
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  1. That worked!!!!!! Thanks a lot my friend. Cheers

  2. This is really simple guide. Works like a charm.

  3. it is not working it says unknown command please help

  4. it is not working it says unknown command please help

    1. First you need to add zbots into your cstrike directory then only those commands will work

    2. For those commands to work, you need to install bots first!!! So install bots and then those commands will work perfectly.

  5. i cant add bot in my team...what happened in this game

    1. again check those commands to add bots

  6. Replies
    1. it says:

      ] bot_add_ct
      Unknown command: bot_add_ct

    2. You downloaded and added those files correctly?

    3. Edited the link, it is working now.


  8. installed as per instructions even reinstalled to ensure properly done... still does not work...

  9. Hey i installed it all correctly yet when i make a server, it goes back to the main menu

  10. Local servers and multiplayer option in the menu that let's you play with bots in both CS Extreme V6 and CSO NST Beta 3 just disappears when you connect to online servers, instead of being able to pick online servers it just connects randomly and only way to get that option back is to reinstall? Does it have something to do with Steam? No Idon't have a Steam version, but I do have Steam installed could that be it? Anyone experience that or know how to correct it?

    1. When you join to some random servers they edit your config.cfg file, due to which you connect to their server automatically. To avoid this make your config.cfg file as read_only so that noone can edit it. Thanks.

  11. hmm...this does not work with steam right ? ....

  12. HI TEAM i have already played this game with some target for each layer like you have to kill this many eniemys to go next map.. could any one tell me how to play that mode



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